Test Tools for the Automotive, Aerospace, Rail and Medical Industry.

Modern vehicles/platforms contain big data and intensive software, and vehicles/platforms under test comprise networks of many ECU (Electronic Control Units) data.

ProVER is a system solution enabling anomaly detection for test engineers monitoring ECUs and their networks for complex vehicles/platforms.

-ECU data flow in various networks and different protocols (i.e. CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, UART) are;
-Time Stamped
-Stored (Partial/Full Storage)
-Analyzed (Live analysis and further analysis with machine learning tools/techniques)
-ProVER utilizes state-of-the-art data analysis techniques on live data feed.
Usage and Benefits
ProVER, enables software intensive-high data networked automotive/platform developers’ test engineers to analyze and diagnose anomalies more efficiently either at laboratories or at the field by monitoring time-stamped and correlated ECU messages.

- Reduces Test Engineering efforts and enables easy analysis and detection of anomalies.
- Enables on-field testing and diagnostic analysis.
- Enables focusing on vicinities of anomalies instead of analyzing terabytes’ of data logs.
- Analysis of anomalies by the correlated data.
- Monitoring trends of anomalies by graphic user interfaces for prognostic analysis.

-Script Editor for Test Engineers to insert rules
-Live monitoring of bi-directional flow of ECU data
-Graphical User Interface to visualize the source of anomalies
-Live analysis of performance indicators in the form of graphics
-Visualization for Routing Tables
-Automatic anomaly detection
-Integration to existing data recording systems